Friday, October 19, 2012

Perspective: Donate supplies to the clinic!

I'm volunteering at a fancy benefit tonight. What am I going to wear? Will I shave my legs? Will I meet a babe?

Sometimes we need a little perspective. For example, I am going to wear this white strapless dress that has pockets, duh, because it's fancy and it has pockets. And for example, there is absolutely no way that I can know ahead of time whether I will meet a babe -- but I know for a fact I will see several dear friends.

Perspective can come in many forms. Here is one:
The free clinic I volunteer at in Kensington, one of my all-time favorite projects, has listed the supplies we most need at this time. And yeah, soap is on that list. Bam perspective. Let me know if you have things to donate; I try to run things up there quarterly.

Hotel sized soap, shampoo and lotion.
     Disposable razors
     Large bottles of shampoo
     Generic multivitamins (one a day)
     Vitamin C 500 mg
     Ibuprofen 200 mg. 
     SEPTA tokens
     Over the counter reading glasses
     Cough drops
     Snack sized ziploc baggies
     and as always: prayers and volunteer dentists

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